Sara Harvey


Sara Harvey has broad research and consulting experience in the areas of strategic planning, development impact/results measurement, institutional benchmarking and capacity building, trade and investment policy, as well as risk management. She has worked extensively with development banks and export credit agencies around the world and brings a strong expertise in strategy and institutional development for public policy institutions focused on development finance. As a consultant, Sara leverages her experience to manage and support project execution through research, client engagement, designing and delivering project outputs and leading project teams. Since joining Hudson Financial Consulting ltd. in 2015, she has also played a key role in business development activities and has authored various publications and conference papers on behalf of the company.

Professional Highlights

  • Worked with a team of experts to assess the market demand and feasibility of a national development finance institution (DFI) for addressing market failures in an African country and led the team in authoring an inaugural business plan for the new entity. The proposed DFI was established as a public-private partnership in 2018—a design unique in the development finance industry.

  • Led strategy workshops and contributed to numerous strategy assignments around the world – including playing a key role in the strategic planning component of a major institutional development program for a national development bank in East Africa— a project which won International Financial Consulting Ltd. the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Program Award in the Category of Human Development.

  • Managed a comprehensive institutional review and update of the operational and market risk management framework for a multilateral regional development bank in Africa.

  • Contributed to the design of a major multilateral trade insurer’s Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and co-authored the institution’s first ever Annual Development Effectiveness Report.

  • Led and supported research for projects across various themes and disciplines from climate finance, to gender mainstreaming, to trade and export finance. Most recently, has supported an important international benchmarking report on Export Credit Agencies.

  • Co-authored ‘How Banking Regulators and Trade Ministers are Singing from Different Songbooks,’ for Wiley & Sons Ltd. in The Handbook Of Global Trade Policy for the Handbooks of Global Policy series (to be published in 2019)

  • Authored ‘Trade Finance Gaps in a Heightened Regulatory Environment: The role of Development Banks’ due to be published in 2019 as part of a Wiley & Sons Ltd. ebook series.

  • Authored ‘The role of Public Development Bank’s: Can a bank be both profitable and efficient while playing a social role’ for the 2017 47th Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) General Assembly.

Outside of HFCL

Before joining our firm, Sara worked in Australia for a consulting firm specializing in risk management and national security. Outside of her working hours Jenni leads run-clinics and organizes tennis, cycling, and other outdoor activities and events.

Sara has lived and worked around the world and holds citizenship for the UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

She graduated with a double degree in Economics and International Relations from the Australian National University and spent time at The National University of Singapore studying under their University Scholars Program.